Hi All,

I’ll be updating tumblr with my photos, portfolios, event infos, bellydance & makeup stuff and after Australia & New Zealand I’ll spam you with those pics (duuh!!!!) 

What’s more, when I’m back I will be creating Calendars (one will be available on deviantART this weekend) and the rest will be on sale late November/early December (yeah I know it’s late but I’m back on 25th Nov so… sorry).

Also I have 2 projects in mind… old one, about which only few knew but now I want to take it to “another lever” 😉 I’ll just say it includes needles and me cursing! Second one is a new one and it is still in “being processed mode” in my brain… so soon…

Now enjoy Norway Part 1, (Part 2 and Infrared to come in few days).

Photos prom the trip in May 2011, all taken by Nikon D200 with some awesome lenses and filters. The shutter button was personally exploited by me!


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